InsureScan is more than an app.
We are a fully functional insurance agency on a phone.

Bringing insurance into the 21st century.

‚ÄčIf you write auto insurance, you know it's time consuming.

Sitting at your desk entering new customer data manually all day long, it isn't fun for you or the customer.

Massive insurance companies and their agencies are still using traditional methods of data entry.

Old-school methods bog them down and reduce the potential of their business, because it's what they know.

Efficiency can only be maximized when the work process is streamlined to a fine point.

What if you could instantly provide a quote, without manual data entry?

For the first time, auto-fill all required fields & relay highly accurate quotes with our real-time motor vehicle report engine.

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Ever changing and demanding market

Today's customer expects an answer with something visual to back it up, without you calling the office. We help you deliver on that promise.

Real-time anywhere cloud

Face-to-face, on the road, at a client meeting or in the office, your agents are always supporting your customers. Smartphone, tablet or desktop you're always ready.

Utilize future technology

Industry firsts such as license & VIN scan, and our real-time MVR Engine. But also other tools like
geo-location and camera-scan payment.

InsureScan is for everyone.

You buy hotel-rooms, airline tickets, stocks and even rides around town. So, why can't selling auto insurance be that instant?

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