InsureScan is the Future of Automobile Insurance.

Built for Consumers, distributed by Agents.

"InsureScan reinvents the Insurance Buying, Claims and Servicing Experience like UBER and AirBnB."

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​Putting Power in the hands of the Consumer.

Our Vision

    • To “Mobilize” the Insurance Experience globally by empowering all Consumers to simply shop for deals, choose providers, manage their vehicles and records, submit claims and incent safe driving using our *Patented Smartphone and Cloud Technology.

    • To reduce costs, mitigate fraud and improve underwriting results in the Automobile Insurance Industry, thereby greatly improving profitability for Agent’s, MGA’s and Insurers.

Insurance companies and their agencies are still using traditional methods of data entry.

Old-school methods bog down the sales process and reduce the full potential of the business.

Efficiency can now be streamlined with disruptive technologies.

What if you could instantly provide a quote, without manual data entry?

For the first time, auto-fill all required fields & relay highly accurate quotes with our real-time motor vehicle report engine.

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InsureScan is for everyone.

You buy hotel-rooms, airline tickets, stocks and even rides around town. So, why can't selling auto insurance be that instant?