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Built for Consumers, distributed by Agents.

​Putting the power back into the hands of the Consumer.
InsureScan was built from a consumers perspective.

Our Mission

  • Creating a Win-Win environment whereby consumers control and protect the things they value and love.
  • Giving Insurance Providers the ability to deliver with speed, simplicity and accuracy to build lasting relationships with their customers.
  • Multi-Platform Data Sync

    The ability to choose and switch Insurance Companies is simple and easy, but switching Providers also means switching Apps. Now you can easily take your data with you, with InsureScan.

    Ease of Doing Business

  • Non-Insurance related features like the Digital Garage and Digital Glove Box are integrated as well.
  • Also, our Safe Driving Mile Point accumulation are provided to keep the Consumer engaged with the App.

  • To “Mobilize” the Insurance experience globally, empowering all consumers to simply shop for best prices & choose providers.
  • Manage their vehicles and records, submit claims and promote safe driving using our patented Smartphone and Cloud Technology

  • Reducing costs and provide new incentive layers, while mitigating fraud with next-generation techniques.
  • Improve underwriting results in the Automobile Insurance Industry, thereby greatly improving profitability for Agent’s, MGA’s and Insurers.

    • Compete with Direct Writers
    • Next-Gen Technology
    • Retention & Growth

    • Better Underwriting
    • Reduced Expenses
    • Profitable Growth
    • Reduced Fraud

    • Latest Technology
    • Ease & Control
    • Speed

    What if the customer could quickly view real-time quotes, and control & store all of their vehicle records?

    What about zero manual data entry or forced calls to customer service?

    Find out how

    InsureScan is for everyone.

    You buy hotel-rooms, airline tickets, stocks and even rides around town. So, why can't selling auto insurance be that instant?